Contested if the origins stems from the gold seekers in Martinique or the bartender Martini di Arma diTaggia on knickerbocker hotel in New York. What is not contested is that it first showed up in Armica around 1900, and is today the most iconic gin drink

Here Alexander Wessberg, who is the head bartender of Negroni bar at Hypoteket in Lund, shares his recipe for their signature Dry Martini.

6 cl Helsing London Dry Gin

0,25 cl Vermouth

Stir gin with a lot of ice. Stir for a long time, do you think you are finished? Stir for a bit more.

Pour a dabble of martini in a cold Martini glass, don’t take pour to much, it should only coat the glass, through the rest out. Pour the gin through a sieve and use a lemon zest on the brim of the glass. Garnish with 2 green Olives. 


A drink that first appeared in writing 1887, and consequently given rise to a pletoria of cocktails with the fizz suffix. This is a drink that traditionally is served in a highball glass.

5 CL HELSING london dry gin

2 CL sockerlag (50/50 socker och vatten)

3 CL citronjuice

1 Egg white

4 CL sodavatten

lemon slice

Mix lemon juice, syrup and the egg white in a shaker. Shake, add ice and shake again. Strain into your glass and add soda water.


A classic drink, invented by Frank Meier at Hôtel Ritz in Paris during the 1920s. The name origins from the slang expression for something exceptional.

4 cl HELSING london dry gin

1,5 cl Lemon juice

1 cl Honey syrup

Lemon zest

Mix the ingredients in a shaker with ice, strain into a cold cocktail glass and garner with the lemon zest.


A classic and one of the most influential gin drinks. The drink was first mixed 1919 at Café Casoni in Florence, as according to the story, Count Negroni asked for a stronger version of an Americano, where the bartender replaced the soda water with gin.

4 cl HELSING london dry gin

2 CL Campari Bitter

2 CL Vermouth Rosso

Stir the ingredients with ice in order to dilute it to desired strength and taste. Serve with an orange zest.

Gin & Tonic

A more iconic duo is hard to find. A brilliant idea from the officers of the East India Company, to spike their daily ration of quinin with gin. With malaria at kept at its bay, as a bonus they had invented the Gin & Tonic.

With only two ingrediens it is easy to regulate after personal taste, but here at the distillery we use the following proportions. 

5 cl Helsing Botanical Gin

10 cl Tonic


Grape Zest

Pour gin over ice in a highball glass. Stir until cold, add your tonic, use the zest over the rims of the glass. Enjoy! Njut! 

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