Colabs Frillestads Gurka
43% vol.

A temporary gin, flavoured with local cucumber from Frillestad's cucumber, which was too big, crooked or bright for the grocery store, but just perfect for our gin. Cumin and black pepper accommodate the cucumber in this 43% ABV gin, for a truly unique gin experience.

On Monday 5 June at 10.00, 2 batches will be released at Sysembolaget. Helsing Cucumber is stocked in the stores in Helsingborg and on order to all stores in Sweden and in our online store. 

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A local collaboration we are particularly proud of. Frillestads Gurka is currently run by the third generation of cucumber growers, Elin & Jakob Klitte and Rickard Jönsson, who have been co-owners since 2000. The farm is located east of Helsingborg and the idea for the collaboration came about during a surprise gin tasting at the celebration of a 50-year-old. The farm is run from a sustainable, climate-smart perspective where the greenhouses are heated with forest and recycled wood chips. Irrigation is circulated through purification, and beneficial animals are used to control pests. The aim is to produce a high quality cucumber with the shortest possible lead time.

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