Helsing Single barrel gin
43% vol.

Discover a whole new dimension with our new premium range of barrel-aged gin. This unique drink has been aged in different oak barrels to give it a rich and complex flavour profile that is unique to barrel-aged gin. While traditional gin is known for its fresh and spicy flavour, our barrel-aged gin takes it to a new level. Barrel aging gives it a smoother and sophisticated taste, with notes of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak that balance perfectly with the classic gin flavours. 

Our barrel-aged gin range is perfect for those who want to experience something new and exciting in the world of gin. It also makes a great gift for the gin enthusiast or spirit nerd who wants to try something different. 


Launched on 27 November at 10.00 am.

Volume: 200 bottles of 50 cl.

Nose: nuanced, spicy aroma with hints of barrel, juniper, dried herbs, dried citrus peel and vanilla.

Taste: Nuanced, spicy flavour with hints of barrel, juniper, bitter orange, spices, vanilla and caramel.

We are proud to present our first gin barrel. In this barrel we stored the farm's first Vermouth which was launched in the summer of 2022. The vermouth is produced from grapes from the farm's vineyard and was the first of its kind in Sweden. 19 selected herbs with a dominance of wormwood where the wine was enhanced with grape spirit and then stored in a 100-litre barrel. The vermouth barrel contributes warm, intense spices, caramel, vanilla and complexity.

Our Botanical Gin was aged in the Vermouth barrel for 12 months.

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